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3DChiefBrex's Model Thread



  • Lizzy777Lizzy7771122 PNWPosts: 722Member
    If subdividing specific faces, or pushing polygons doesn't do it for you, then you may as well just rebuild. The second or even third attempts usually turn out better.

    It's kinda like erasing pencil lines after inking a page.
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  • ChiefBrexChiefBrex256 North CarolinaPosts: 110Member
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    Alright, so I haven't worked on the nacelles at all. Seems like I'm avoiding them lol. Anyway, was experimenting with some techniques that FarShot recommended. Came up with some meshing for the nacelle pylons and trying something with the torpedo launcher. Let me know what you think.

    Nacelle meshing:


    Torpedo Launcher:

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  • ChiefBrexChiefBrex256 North CarolinaPosts: 110Member
    Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been working on reworking some parts, and trying to build some basic bridge so that I can make the dome on top translucent, so you could "see" a bridge inside. Will post pictures soon when I'm happy with the updates.
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