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Klingon Vor'cha Attack Cruiser

PhoenixfettPhoenixfett172 Posts: 26Member
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Well, i'll start with I'm not after a Sympathy vote or anything like that, what has happened is just a fact of life and im after opinions more than anything.

So quite some time ago i embarked on my most detailed starship, i went for the Klingon Vor'cha. I originally started it as a mod for Star Trek Bridge COmmander and ended up building up from there. i had a daughter who is now 4 and this took my time away from modeling. if i take you back a little further i got diagnosed with a few medical conditions that are still worsening and one of them is brain fog and memory issues, - to cut a long story short and stop boring people i can no longer use 3d max, i find it complicated and very confusing. i've forgotten everything i won't get into it and i'll also ask that not alot of questions get thrown at me, as to be honest im still very bitter about the whole situation - i've gone from a Fit active young man to a overweight guy in a wheelchair lol.

now to the point of the post -

firstly DAMN am i glad to have gotten the email about this place being alive and well again and going through some of your peeps work was jaw dropping (also looking back on other places of my old work i'd forgotten about was damn cool)

secondly, my vorcha was never finished. for BC it was and i has highly grateful for the reception it got. now i was wondering should i leave it as is as a memory of times gone, or should i start hunting for someone that would be willing to finish the project?

pics for attention.

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  • PhoenixfettPhoenixfett172 Posts: 26Member
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    just where it has been so long too i've decided to reshare this link
    My Sketchfab
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  • StarshipStarship226 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,746Member
    Hi Phoenix, congrats for your little daughter! ;)
    I´m sad to know about your health issue...

    I remember you and your work over BCU forums.
    I also remember your high polly version for the Vor´cha. Would be cool to find someone that would be willing to finish the project. B)
  • ViperViper576 Posts: 454Administrator
    I would be willing to possibly continue the work if you want. It looks like you are very far along anyway. A couple of areas might need a bit of rework as I can see segmentation, but it looks like a very nice model :) I do have quite a lot on my plate already, so no promises. We can talk via private message if you like. Just hit me up.
  • killakanzkillakanz176 Posts: 112Member
    Since it's a 3DS Max model I could take a look at it, maybe throw it through Substance Painter and texture it up for you. :)
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