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Flak's WIPS

FlakmonkeyFlakmonkey68 Posts: 97Member
edited March 2019 in Work in Progress #1
Edit: I figured rather than make a new thread every time, I'll just upload my WIPS here.

So 17 years ago when I was a wee lad on SFM (trooper13 for those who remember) I had a ship design called the sabrewolf.

I have since completely lost everything about it except that it was a bit bigger than a Defiant class, but a bit bulkier and with heavy weapons.

This go around I've decided to make her sleeker and thinner, but just as deadly.

Anyway, I have decided to officially return to my home, and beginning this project is a good way to do that. Lol. So without further ado, the rough concept:

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  • RekkertRekkert1532 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 1,909Member
    Ohh, very nice! Because of the frontal window at the top it looks far smaller to me, kinda like a fighter, but it's a very cool concept!
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  • StarscreamStarscream229 Posts: 1,049Member
    I love pen and ink designs; used to do a lot myself. :)

    I agree with Rekkert re the window, plus for an "Escort" (hahaha, who were SF kidding!) I'd expect the bridge to be buried at least a little deeper into the hull - the Defiant's was surrounded by.the rest of Deck 1. Unless of course the inset area is something other than a window?

    Nice bussards, btw! They look suitably more advanced :+1:
  • FlakmonkeyFlakmonkey68 Posts: 97Member
    Thanks guys! The inset at the front was a bit of a homage to the Intrepid class. I know windows aren't great for battle but its transparent aluminum ;)hehehe

    Here's another rough concept angle. I'm tying to reference the Defiant because they would technically be similar sizes, but I suppose this ship would be an extension of the Defiant class' role in quick recon scouting.

    I tried to do some research on how registries are figured out and it sounds like its pretty much whatever. So I kept it close to Defiant lineage lol

  • ViperViper930 Posts: 590Administrator
    edited March 2019 #5
    I think I remember something like this from way back in the day. Curious to see how it turns out :) What are the holes at the front supposed to be? Torpedo launchers?
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  • FlakmonkeyFlakmonkey68 Posts: 97Member
    Those are the pulse phase re. Torpedo launchers are the notches right above the bussards. :) also there's also a few small phaser strips somewhere. Havent figured out all the details just yet haha
  • FlakmonkeyFlakmonkey68 Posts: 97Member
    I realized I bit off more than I can chew so I'm starting with something simple I found in my references folder lol its a missile launcher from some find an model kit probably. Lol

    Here's the ref:

    And the result of two hours face by face modeling, and trying to figure out Blenders Booleans

  • FlakmonkeyFlakmonkey68 Posts: 97Member

    Okay! Time!for textures. How do I do textures in blender? xD
    ml4.jpg 35.3K
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