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Constitution Class Refit



  • ViperViper478 Posts: 412Administrator
    Rekkert wrote: »
    One idea could be to raise the whole bridge superstructure somewhat between the two catamarans, kinda like what Paul Frenczli did with his redesigned NX-01.
    Lowering the catamarans position could also help in making it look more inspired by the Akira than as a simple kitbash.

    Yeah, I did a bunch of adjustments to the entire ship, I'll post in another thread later. For now, here's yet another side project, though this one does tie in to the Constitution. I started working on the corridors ;)


    Obviously still missing a few details, and I have to do all the variations. The idea is to have a kit so I can quickly put corridors together. Of course, they won't really be seen from outside, but they are fun to do :tongue:
    • Like - Lizzy777 on April 27, 2019.
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  • ViperViper478 Posts: 412Administrator
    Few renders of the ship of a few details I haven't shown yet. It was also brought to my attention that there are colored nav lights for port and starboard. So last render shows that.

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  • ashleytingerashleytinger186 Central OhioPosts: 292Member
    The grand ole lady looks damned epic here.
    • Like - Viper on April 28, 2019.
  • Lizzy777Lizzy777228 PNWPosts: 396Member
    edited April 28 #95
    I'm starting to suspect that you work for ILM by demonstrating skills this amazing.
    Post edited by Lizzy777 on
    • Like - Viper on April 28, 2019.
    What? Me, worry?
  • ViperViper478 Posts: 412Administrator
    Lizzy777 wrote: »
    I'm starting to suspect that you work for ILM by demonstrating skills this amazing.

    As a huge fan of ILM (I think they are still the top VFX studio), that makes me very happy, heh :3
    • Like - Lizzy777 on April 28, 2019.
    • Like - ashleytinger on April 29, 2019.
    • Like - Coolhand on April 29, 2019.
  • CoolhandCoolhand241 PhobosPosts: 1,273Member
    Lovely detailing and great lighting in that that last rendering.:)
    • Like - Viper on April 29, 2019.
  • ViperViper478 Posts: 412Administrator
    edited May 2 #98
    Thanks folks! No real updates on this project. In theory I should be redoing a few details on the shuttle bay area, but I'm having trouble doing that without working on the interior. So I think I'll give the project a small pause, do some renders of the ship and start phase 2 which is working on the structural frame and window interiors which will include the entire shuttle bay and cargo area. Stay tuned ;)
    Post edited by Viper on
    • Like - publiusr on May 8, 2019.
  • SamuraiSamurai176 Posts: 391Member
    Still the best looking Enterprise, in my opinion. Good job Viper!
    More of an "Absolute Member", to be fair...
  • TrekMDTrekMD179 Posts: 593Member
    The refit Enterprise has to be my most favorite Enterprise... Just beautiful.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg194 Posts: 678Member
    Among other things, great surfacing.
  • FreakFreak424 Posts: 3,387Member
    This Enterprise is outstanding!
  • ViperViper478 Posts: 412Administrator
    Thanks for all the compliments guys! I've been on a little bit of a break lately as I was on a three month marathon working on all these projects. I'm trying to come up with a cool idea for a final render to show her finished, but everything I think about requires a ton of assets to be done, heh. Either way, I'll try to have a few high resolution images by the end of the week :)
  • John MarchantJohn Marchant171 Posts: 88Member
    Look forward to seeing some more Viper.
  • NutsyNutsy1 Posts: 12Member
    Utterly Stunning.... Making me think about getting back into modeling again, and going back to my old Connie model i never finished...

    *goes back under his rock
  • Lee80Lee80192 Posts: 458Member
    edited May 21 #106
    great work viper, She looks amazing. ScifiEric did some really beautiful shots of his TOS Connie with just a simple planet background. He recreated some of the orbiting shots from the show. Maybe you could try something like that?
    Post edited by Lee80 on
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